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Thai Cooking Class
Oct. 1st. or 2nd.
Learn how to make your favorite ZABB dishes from Chef Tony.


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“I’m so excited to show people the right way to make pad thai,” Rittaprom said. “I also want people to step out of their culinary comfort zone. That’s why I included nam prik pla pon.”You’ve tasted Michelin-starred Chef Tony Rittaprom’s yums, larbs, and noodle dishes in our dining room, now learn how to recreate them at home as he reintroduces his wildly popular Thai cooking classes on October 1 & 2. Learn how to make fiery Isan larb moo, or minced pork with Thai chilies, red onion, roasted rice powder, fish sauce and lime juice; Central Thai yum nam kow tod, or crumbled double fried rice croquettes with naem (pork) sausage, ginger, and chilies; nam prik pla pon, an Isan fish dip with roasted chilies and roasted garlic; and classic pad Thai; as well as the classic Thai dessert kow niew mamuang or mango with coconut sticky rice.


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Class fee is $99 for solo students or $188 for couples. The class fee includes a Zabb PuTawn at home kit with ingredients for each of the dishes, recipes, and an apron. The three hour classes will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m on either October 1st or 2nd. Students may sign up for the 20-person sessions by phoning Zabb PuTawn at (212) 988-8800.

1584 1st Ave.,

New York NY 10028

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Each student gets 2 complimentary drinks choose from our  signature PuTawn Rumpun cocktails or Singha beers.

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